DMS RF-1500 Starter Pack


RF-1500 Starter Pack

Engine Start Power Packs

Main Benefits

• Single unit for both 24V and 12V vehicles
• Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C
• Cranking current of 785 Amps
• Man portable with optional trolley
• Full range of output leads to suit all vehicles
• Safety features include ON/OFF isolator switch, reverse polarity warning and surge & spike protection Features
• Robust, rugged polyethylene outer case resistant to field and workshop damage
• Integral carry handle – suitable for a gloved hand
• Full LED state of charge indication
• External fuse
The Red Flash™ 1224HD Portable Power Pack uses the highest
-grade AGM batteries and is designed to operate in the harshest environments, reliably delivering large peak currents to start all types of vehicles. The robust polyethylene outer case protects the internal batteries and electronics from damage whilst also reducing the weight. Red Flash™ Power Packs are used worldwide and haven a proven reliability in starting all types of vehicles including coaches and heavy goods vehicles.

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Our Red Flash portable aviation units have been designed for turbine starting and ground power support. With a strong proven record as the UK’s original and largest professional start pack manufacturer, our power packs will start military and commercial aircraft, helicopters and other heavy duty vehicles. Based on 24V nominal batteries, these units are compatible with both 24V and 28V systems

• Currently in service around the globe with operations in hot and cold climates
• Wide operating temperatures –40 to +50°C
• Single pack RF 1500 will provide over 1500 Amps starting current and can be linked to provide over 3000 Amps as the RF 3000
• Man portable
• Rugged for long life and durability

• Robust stainless steel outer case, resistant to field and workshop damage
• Integral carry handle – suitable for use with a gloved hand
• Optional trolley
• NATO codified
• A range of NATO approved leads and connectors